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About us

IST Publishing is a small press that speсializes in books on contemporary culture and art, established by a circle of like-minded people: Kateryna Nosko, Anastasia Leonova, and Borys Filonenko. We direct our attention to publishing research on art in Ukrainian with its further translation into foreign languages. Another aspect of our work is dedicated to the translation of fundamental texts on art theory and history, philosophy of art, sociology of culture by the leading foreign researchers into Ukrainian. Our editing team holds a particular interest in publishing art books. At first glance our books could seem niche and cover narrow topics, however, we are convinced that all of them are about our everyday life and an opportunity to make it more intense and fulfilling.


To create a circle of like-minded people where there is a possibility of gradual expansion of the dialogue on contemporary art processes. Not only will it help understand how we live today, but will also affect how we change tomorrow.

Kateryna Nosko and Anastasia Leonova, publishers
Borys Filonenko, editor, author
Nata Fandorina, sales manager
Andii Onyshchenko, sales manager
Oksana Semenik, communications manager
Daria Anosova, English editor

Motto Distribution (EU)
The Naked Room (Kyiv, Ukraine)
COME IN gallery (Kharkiv, Ukraine)


Our mission