A Series of Lectures on Modern Life of Animals

A Series of Lectures on Modern Life of Animals is a collection of literary and photographic stories about the relationship between a modern human and an animal. It is dedicated to the unnoticeable, yet crucial animal rights revolution that has been taking place in Ukraine in recent years. 

In her texts and photographs, Yevgenia Belorusets sheds light on the transformation of Ukrainian society; an attitude to animals serves here as a marker of social tendencies and self-understanding. She also acknowledges the work of multiple underground initiatives and activists who still lack proper attention.

The book is based on numerous interviews, which raise essential questions, such as "What is an animal and how do we think of it?", "Why is a position of an animal and an attitude towards it important for society?"

A Series of Lectures on Modern Life of Animals was first published in English in 2021 by isolarii (New York) under the title Modern Animal.


Publisher: ist publishing
Author: Yevgenia Belorusets
Copy editing: Tetiana Baskakova
Proofreading: Olena Podorozhnia
Design and layout: Uliana Bychenkova

145x180 mm
128 pages
1000 copies.
Language: Russian
ISBN 978-617-7948-05-5

Yevgenia Belorusets is a writer, artist, and journalist living and working between Kyiv and Berlin. She obtained a master's degree in literature from the Kyiv National Linguistic University and a diploma in documentary photography from the Victor Marushchenko School of Photography. Belorusets is a co-founder of the literary and art journal "Prostory", and a member of the curatorial group "Khudrada".

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