Where Curating Is
Being the first project of the newly-minted IST Publishing (Kharkiv), the book "Where сurating is" collects essays and interviews covering a range of issues pertaining to curating in Ukraine. Kateryna Nosko and Valeriya Lukyanets wrote the book and compiled materials for it.

The discussion of one subject allowed various, sometimes opposing, views to meet together – in one book, which appears as a cross-section of subjective opinions about what curating is today and where it's manifested in the form of non-material practice. In turn, this wide spectrum of views regarding the figure of the curator has brought us back to the issue of ethical norms in their relations with the artist, which appears to be one of the most pressing matters in the field today.

These texts emerged from discussions that the author-compilers of the book had with curators and contemporary artists from cities across Ukraine. In this edition, the artists are focusing on the importance of the curator's participation in developing new projects, when you 'start a project from scratch together with a curator' (Alevtyna Kakhidze), or when 'at the heart of curatorial ideas is semantic interpassing between the curator and the artists' (Mykola Kolomiyets), and the process of cooperation itself is 'a feeling of some creative development […], a line of mutual formation, transformation, when there is no feeling that one puts pressure on another' (Yuriy Leiderman).

The book "Where curating is" takes a step towards the still little-studied phenomenon of 'the artist as a curator', without ignoring the counterpart to this figure: the curator-as-artist. So, the second part of the book is a result of dialogues with curators who came to this profession with an art history and theory background and whose names are frequently mentioned in the artists' texts, and the collaboration with them is an example of effective cooperation.

The book presents texts based on the interviews with artists such as:
• The Open Group (Yuriy Biley, Anton Varha, Pavlo Kovach, Stanislav Turina)
• Masoch Fund (Ihor Dyurych, Ihor Podolchak)
• Yuriy Leiderman
• Arsen Savadov
• Lesya Zayats
• Mykola Ridnyi
• Kseniya Hnylytska
• Lada Nakonechna
• Mykyta Kadan
• Alevtyna Kakhidze
• Oleksandr Roytburd
• Tiberiy Szilvashi
• Serhiy Bratkov
• Yuriy Sokolov
• Vlodko Kaufman
• Mykola Kolomiyets
• Pavlo Makov
The book also includes two interviews by Oleksandr Solovyov and Viktor Misiano

Kateryna Nosko, Valeria Lukyanets
256 pp
ISBN: 978-966-97657-0-3
Language: Ukrainian, Russian
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