Henri Cartier-Bresson: Interviews and Conversations (1951-1998)

Presented for the first time in Ukrainian, this book brings together twelve notable interviews and conversations with Henri Cartier-Bresson carried out between 1951 and 1998. While many of us are acquainted with his images, there are so few texts available by Cartier-Bresson on his photographic process. These verbal, primary accounts capture the spirit of the master photographer and serve as a lasting document of his life and work, which has inspired generations of photographers and artists.

The publication is made possible through the initiative and support of Ihor Dvoretskyi.


Publisher: ist publishing
Translation from French into Ukrainian: Andrii Riepa
Initiative: Ihor Dvoretskyi
Copy editing: Oleksandra Sauliak
Proofreading: Olena Tykhonenko
Design and layout: Dima Frolov

190x120 mm
172 pages
1000 copies
Language: Ukrainian
ISBN 978-617-7948-13-0

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