Performing the Common City. On the Crossroads of Art, Politics and Public Life

Pascal Gielen's Performing the Common City. On the Crossroads of Art, Politics and Public Life is the fifth collection of articles from the Small Run Books series.

The city and museum are the main topics Pascal Gielen deals with in his three texts of the collection. Being the theorist of the common and co-author of the concept of 'commonism', Gielen explores the fundamental principles of existence in the common city. "The city is always in motion and any typology trying to capture this is missing the complexity of real life," Gielen says, emphasizing the involvement and co-existence in the disorder of city life. What challenges do institutions face in the common city? How do museums represent the past and present in their spaces now, and how can they go beyond their own boundaries? Is it actually possible to reconcile the museum with the community in this flowing and flat present day?

The collection contains three texts by Pascal Gielen: Performing the Common City. On the Crossroads of Art, Politics and Public Life (2015), Museum Chronotopics: On the Representation of the Past in Museums (2004), and Institutional Imagination. Instituting Contemporary Art Minus the 'Contemporary' (2013).


1. Dorothee Richter. Artists and Curators as Authors – Competitors, Collaborators, or Teamworkers?
2. Pascal Gielen, Thijs Lijster. Culture: The Base of Civil Society
3. George Baker. Photography's Expanded Field
4. Hans Ulrich Obrist. Robert Crumb. Art Spiegelman. John Carlin. Borys Filonenko. Comics in the Museum of Contemporary Art
5. Pascal Gielen. Performing the Common City. On the Crossroads of Art, Politics and Public Life
6. Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht. Disordered Time
7. Bruno Latour, Rem Koolhaas, Albena Yaneva, Isabelle Stengers, Anna Tsing, Nils Bubandt, Kseniia Hnylytska. Does Anyone Still Love Cities? Ecology Against Modernization

Design of the series: 3z studio


Publisher: ist publishing
Author: Pascal Gielen
Compilers: Pascal Gielen, Kateryna Nosko, Borys Filonenko, Anastasiia Leonova
Translation: VERBatsiia (Tetiana Rodionova, Yuliia Didokha, Veronika Yadukha), Yaroslava Strikha
Copy editing and proofreading: Iryna Troskot
Design: 3z Studio (Tania Borzunova, Serhii Mishakin)
Page proofs: Kateryna Sivachenko
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