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The Crowdfunding Campaign “Permanent Residency”: Publishing of a Book by Serhiy Zhadan and Pavlo Makov

Permanent Residency  is a mutual literary project of a writer and a poet, Serhiy Zhadan, and an artist Pavlo Makov. It will come out in September 2020 in ist publishing. 

Two authors, who have chosen Kharkiv for their permanent residence, weren't acquainted until 2004, yet closely observed artwork of each other. “What Makov is creating, together with his sense of time, space and urban landscape, is very close to my way of seeing. In fact, I am doing quite the same, but in literature”, - Serhiy Zhadan says. Permanent Residency combines graphic visuals of Pavlo Makov with a selection of Zhadan’s poetry.

This edition is a way to experience 27 years of presence in Kharkiv through the authors’ scope. A reader is a co-creator of meanings in this book, which makes the text more open and flexible giving space for freedom inside someone else's words. 

The minimalistic format was chosen for its design. Thus you can always come back to the book, take it with you on the trip or during the walks around town. There will also be a range of cultural events during its release, including meetings with a project’s authors and a presentation of the book in the state museums and universities around Ukraine.

If we fundraise 80 thousand hryvnias on Spilnokosht, and International Renaissance Foundation will double the figure so that the publishing of the book becomes possible.