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Intensive course for art critics in Kharkiv

Open call
Course for art critics
Three-day intensive from IST Publishing

Speakers: Pascal Gielen, Lisaveta German, Olga Tykhonova
Course mentor: Boris Filonenko
Venue: “COME IN” art gallery (Kharkiv, Danylevskogo 26)
Date: 15 - 17 October
Deadline: 5 September

A three-day educational intensive for art critics is a series of lectures, practical workshops by Ukrainian and foreign art critics, art historians and sociologists of culture.
To participate in the intensive send an application to with the subject line “Intensive with IST Publishing”.
In the email attachments we are expecting to see:

Motivation letter (max 1000 characters with spaces) with a brief description of your experience in the art field as an author/curator/critic/artist/mediator or in any other role

Essay (no more than 1500 characters with spaces) on "Why write about art" topic

A CV with your contacts (phone number, e-mail)

Ten participants who will be selected by the open call results will take part in a three-day course on 15-17 October in Kharkiv.

The intensive program will consist of lectures on the latest techniques for writing critical texts, academic essays on art and culture, current trends in the approaches of foreign and Ukrainian authors to commenting, interpreting and evaluating the phenomena of contemporary visual art; analysis of the text by the leading American art critic Hal Foster “The return of the real”, the slow reading of which will take place with the participants of the intensive.
The program will also host a hands-on workshop on writing texts on contemporary Ukrainian art, followed by comments by invited speakers. The four best texts will be published on one of our media partner platforms, as well as on the IST Publishing website.

The cost of train tickets, as well as lunches and dinners for the period of the course will be paid by the organizers.
We look forward to receiving your applications by September 5th.

The project is supported by the Harald Binder Cultural Enterprises Grant Program (HBCE). Founded by historian and philanthropist Harald Binder, HBCE aims to support interdisciplinary projects in culture, art, and education and promote the sustainable development of these areas in Ukraine. The NCSE Grant Competition is held once a year, with a grant amount of between EUR 500 and EUR 5000 for initiatives implemented in Ukraine. One of HBCE's main tasks is to support the establishment of the institution of contemporary art.

More information:

The project was also supported by Flanders Literature

Media partners: KORYDOR, Left Bank - LB.UA, Your Art

Visual style: Misha Buksha

Contact our course manager Kateryna Ptashka for more details: