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Happy Fallings: A Dramatic Reading and Presentation of Yevgenia Belorusets’ Book

On the 4th of November at 18:00 in the waiting room of the Podil Bus Station (15A Nyzhnii Val, Kyiv) as part of IZOLYATSIA’s Donbas Studies programme there will be a dramatic reading and presentation of Yevgenia Belorusets’ visual-literary book Happy Fallings, published in 2018 by ist publishing. During the presentation you will be able to hear fragments of the text and get a feeling for its events.

The focus of the book are stories of women who think of themselves as witnesses to the their own lives, and to a “bigger story”, one which has forced them to set off on a journey, to change where they call home, to alter their biography and often their perceptions of reality.

Plotlines are connected with the fantastical daydreams of these heroines, developing against a background of traumatic events in Ukraine, whose influence the reader can uncover in fragments of conversation, lived experiences and everyday situations.

The combined approach of the author’s text and imagery is characteristic of Yevgenia Belorusets’ artistic practice. Happy Fallings is a place where photo-stories and text plotlines coexist, where they interweave as different forms of speech.

The artist’s interest is in the situations of those who found themselves unpredictably on the periphery, a place from which it is not easy to appeal, and it is even harder to learn how to make oneself heard. Is everything that the reader encounters in Happy Fallings insignificant, trifling, coincidental? Is this really the case?

The presentation and dramatic reading will take place as part of Found Voices, a project realised with the support of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Participating are:
theatre director and playwright Dmytro Levytskyi (Kyiv)
literary translator, and editor of the book Tetiana Baskakova (Moscow)
as critic, Ukrainian philosopher-translator, cultural analyst and publicist Andrii Riepa (Kyiv/Cherkasy)
as interpreter of the event — photographer and founder of a school of documentary photography Viktor Marushchenko (Kyiv)
the role of the book’s author is played by artist and writer Yevgenia Belorusets.
Kateryna Nosko (ist publishing) will present the book.

During the presentation guests invited by the author and the publishing house will provide comment on the plotlines contained within.

Participating actors: Maria Bruni and Akmal Gurezov.

Free entry

Sunday, 4th of November, 18:00
The waiting room of the Podil Bus Station, opposite the Zhytnii market.
15A Nyzhnii Val