Near Mint

Near Mint by Borys Filonenko, Danyl Shtangeev and Anton Reznikov is a comic book about love and the holes underfoot. Ivan and Mariia have a quit life: they watching movies, drinking peppermint tea and discussing their plans. Ivan is getting ready for his first jump on skis, while Mariia is developing a concept for an exhibition of a temporary labelling objects in the city. Their lives change after Ivan disappears in the snow.

Publisher: IST Publishing
Authors: Borys Filonenko, Danylo Shtangeev, Anton Reznikov
Language: Ukrainian
17 х 26 см
64 pages

About the authors:

Borys Filonenko is an art critic, curator, tutor at Kharkiv School of Architecture, finalist of VII International festival of illustrated stories Boomfest (together with Mariia Romanova) with a short comics Wittgenstein. Exit. He's writing about Ukrainian contemporary art and comics.

Danyl Shtangeev is a graphic designer, illustrator, cartoonist. In 2019 his short stories were published in the 11th and 12th volumes of comics' anthology GON. He has been an art director in a studio of architectural visualization Colotune since 2016. Danyl also collaborates with an art studio Aza Nizi Maza.

Anton Reznikov is an artist and illustrator, who teaching and a participating in collective exhibition projects of Aza Nizi Maza studio. He's co-author of a poster series for the course Unhurried art history, participant of the exhibition The Kiss – Darkness and Light (gallery Different, London). He's painting landscapes in Heidelberg every summer and spring.

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