Permanent Residency

Permanent Residency is an art book by two Kharkiv authors, poet Serhiy Zhadan and artist Pavlo Makov. It is an attempt to review the last 27 years of their presence in Kharkiv through the optics of their works. The book combines two views, two generations, and two different artistic languages ​. 

The publication contains graphic works and poems selected by Pavlo Makov and Serhiy Zhadan independently during the creation of the artbook. The works are organized in a reversed order. They do not comment on each other; poems do not describe graphic works, and graphic works do not illustrate poems. This allows a reader/viewer to become a third participant in the process of discovering common meanings.


Publisher: ist publishing
Authors: Serhiy Zhadan, Pavlo Makov
Copy editing: Oleksandr Boichenko
Proofreading: Lesia Liuft
Design and layout: 3z Studio

140 pages
2000 copies
Language: Ukrainian

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