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ist publishing Book Ambassadors Club

ist publishing team wants to support each other in these uncertain times. We believe that it is important to take care of our community and make it even stronger. During three years of active work, ist has made a lot of friends who support the publishing, not only in its mission to publish and distribute books, but also in the forming of the context for debates, organizing educational programs, forming healthy cultural environment, and work with niche (but important) topics of art, society, and public space.

The pandemic limits us in our usual activities. However, at this stage, we have the ambition to work with those who believe in book publishing and culture.

We announce an OPEN CALL for all those interested who want to learn more about the life of the small press, how we arrange and publish our books, how we work with the authors, translators, designers, and other participants of the publishing process.
Book ambassadors club is for those who have strong motivation and can share their enthusiasm with others.

The club doesn’t have any time limits. It includes monthly meetings with all the participants. You can leave the club at any time, but we are eager to build strong long-term relationships which are in shortage nowadays.

The maximum number of participants except the ist team is 6 people.

What you get:

1. Monthly meetings with the ist team and other representatives of the cultural and publishing sectors.
2. ist team shares their experience of work with projects, international internships, book markets, opportunities for book publishing, and work with international authors.
3. Participation in the life of the publishing: festivals, public events.
4. Networking, wine and dinners after meetings.

How to apply:

1. Write a motivation letter and us tell about ist books you’ve read, share your impression from this experience and offer any book which you would like to see published with ist.

2. Prepare a short CV and links to social media.

Send these to

We will announce a list of book ambassadors selected in a week after the deadline and will send them all further information.

Application deadline: 28 April

  • Become a part of the publishing life
  • Find out how to publish a book
  • Meet people from the publishing sector
  • Get involved in the development of the publishing sphere
  • Join us for networking and dinners